Thursday, August 4, 2016

What Is Hunter Tootoo talking about? What is an inapprorpiate relationship in Canada or is this Justy Trudeau's first cover up?

So, Hunter Tootoo is insisting he had an "inappropriate relationship" with a junior staffer. 

And PM "Justy" Trudeau, who paraded in the LGBT community parade last week agreed.

So, just what "da feck" is an 'inappropriate relationship' in the Canada.

The Charter guarantees "freedom of association"

If Mr. Tootoo and an unidentified younger woman wish to have sex together or otherwise associate with each other, why is that inappropriate?

Sooner or later , the truth will emerge as it always does...

But, in the meantime, how much are they paying someone to remain silent, who is she and is this all a ruse, a distraction, a cover up for the criminals in the courts of PEI?  

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